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Off Site Data Backup


Protecting Your Data

Implementing a Data Backup and Recovery Plan may very well be the most important thing you do for your business. Suffolk PC Solutions can help you avert the loss of data in the event of a catastrophe.


Desktop PCs, Laptops and Servers all utilize some form of hard drive to store data. Everything that is stored on the computer; e-mail, documents, application files, pictures etc. rely on these hard drives.

A hard drive failure is probably the most common component failure in PCs today. This is due to the electro-mechanical nature of most hard drives and the fact that even under normal use the hard drive is constantly being exercised.

Other possible causes of data loss can be because of equipment theft, vandalism, fire damage, storm damage, electrical power surges etc. 




Suffolk PC Solutions will tailor a backup plan for your individual needs. We will work with you to create a safety net for your data. 

We will install and configure all required software, monitor the integrity of data backups and assist with data restoration when needed.


You always have access to your data. The Data Backup Software performs automatic unattended data backups and also provides the means to retrieve data as well.


For a higher level of convenience, an Onsite Backup Data Drive can be implemented to compliment the Offsite Data Backup Service. This will give you the immediate data access avoiding the time to download. Ask us for details.


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